Health and Work Week 1

22 October 2013 at 1:55 am

lazydayLast week I talked about struggling with some health issues that developed due to my sedentary lifestyle and failure to properly care for myself as well as improve my financial status. My goals were to walk every day and to adhere to a regular work schedule.

Since that blog post, I walked five out of the seven days for about 20 to 25 minutes a day. I missed one day because it was raining and the second day because I didn’t feel well. My back pain is still an issue, but I have improved in other areas.

At the beginning of the week, my joints were so stiff I felt like a robot in a meat suit. If Dorothy had touched down near me, I would have asked her to find me a can of oil. By the end of the week, though, my bones and muscles loosened up a bit but I still have a nice duck waddle going on.

My breathing has also improved somewhat. In the last few months, I’ve developed a troubling symptom. It feels like I have fluid in my lungs, which is one of the reasons why I suspect I have heart damage. On the days that I walk, my breathing is better. Unfortunately, I have terrible neighbors.


13 October 2013 at 4:35 am

lazy red pandaAccording to conventional wisdom, if you don’t use a muscle for a length of time, it begins to degrade. You lose mass and strength until your muscle matches the level of activity, or rather inactivity, it’s engaged in.

This morning I went for a walk…let me back up a little bit. For the past three years, my health has been steadily declining. This is primarily due to my transition from full-time employment to work-at-home freelance writer. I hadn’t been taking good care of myself before that change, but sitting at my desk day in and day out without getting any sun or exercise starting taking its toll on me.

In the back of my mind I knew I wasn’t in good shape, but I deluded myself into thinking I could take care of any health problems when I finally achieved the success I was striving for. Unfortunately for me, that success never came. In fact, I suffered a serious setback that led to me moving back in with my parents (albeit to care for my grandmother).

The stress of caring for an aging and steadily deteriorating senior citizen made my health problems worsen to the point where I suspect I have heart damage. Unfortunately, I don’t have health insurance, which means I’m stuck managing on my own and praying I don’t have a medical emergency until Obamacare kicks in.

New Site, Same Laziness

14 September 2013 at 1:31 am

lazy ponySo one day I was working on my blog and I suddenly said, “Fuck this website! I want a new one that I can ignore for months at a time.” Thus Devi The Human was born.

To be honest, I have no idea what I’m doing. I have all these ideas about things I want to do but I suffer from two serious personality issues: laziness and disorganization. The crazy thing is, if I was more organized and developed a step by step plan, I could overcome my laziness by sheer will and get shit done. Unfortunately, I’m too lazy to make the effort.

Anyway, I shall be faffing about the site cleaning up links. I really liked my last theme, but I’m going to see what else is out there before I reinstall it. I updated my Twitter account to the new name: Devi The Human. I also signed up with Bubblews, which I’ll talk about at a later date when I’m feeling less lazy. Which may be never. We’ll see.

|Image by SketchyJackie|

Undercover Writer

15 August 2013 at 4:20 pm

sebastianmaskSince my last post, I set up my writer’s blog under the cool and super awesome pen name Devi Michaelis. It’s on Tumblr, so follow me if you’re tumblogging. I also have a Twitter account. I’m writing a microfiction series about a woman searching for her missing husband. I’m not quite sure what genre to say it’s in. The story has supernatural elements, so I guess the supernatural genre. Is that a thing? I should already know this. In my defense, there are a ton more genres today than when I was growing up, and yes I just showed my age.

The main character’s name is Iveda and she is searching for her husband Maritus who’s been “out on assignment” for three years. Thirteen months prior to the start of the story, he wrote her a letter stating he’d be home soon, but she hadn’t heard from him since. She eventually finds him, but there is nasty surprise waiting for her at the conclusion.

The story is based on an idea I had for a Black Butler fan fiction. I am a huge Kuroshitsuji fan. I’ve watched the entire anime series and have read (am reading) the manga. I started wondering what happened to the characters after the end of season two and I came up with this idea that Sebastian returns to his life which includes a wife.

Changing Things Up

3 July 2013 at 1:51 am

whitelilyMy grandmother died.

After battling with old age for the past several months, my 94-year-old grandmother finally gave up the ghost this past Sunday. As an agnostic atheist (or atheistic agnostic) I believe we get one life and once it ends, it’s game over. I’m sad she’s gone because she’s not able to continue experiencing the good things the world has to offer. At the same time, I’m glad she is not suffering any longer. The last few months had been rough on her and she was tired. So, rest in peace grandma Taylor, you will be missed.

In other less sad news, I’m moving…sort of.

I’ve been thinking a lot about my business. It occurred to me that I should keep my projects separate to avoid confusion in the marketplace. I am an indie game designer, but I also write fiction and I do freelance writing. It could be pretty confusing for someone to do a Google search for my fiction stories and have my freelance writing work and indie games come up.

To that end, I’ve decided to use a pen name for my fiction work. I’ve already registered the domain name and put a blog on it. The next step is to stop dilly-dallying and start publishing my work. My cousin, who is an awesome writer, sat down with me today and gave me some great advice and ideas about EBook publishing, something I’ll talk about more on my fiction blog.

As far as my indie game development goes, I most likely, about 99.9% certain, will publish the games under a studio name. I registered the domain name last year in November, but I never did anything with it because I didn’t know how I was going to organize my business. I’ve thought about it for a long time and I think compartmentalizing my interests is probably the best way to go.

The third leg of my business is various web properties I’m building. My goal with these is to make money through affiliate marketing, advertising, and good old fashioned selling of products and services. I’ll run those virtual properties under Devi Taylor. My long-term goal is to eventually sell these sites, but we’ll see how things go.

This blog, though, will still be about nothing in particular.

I don’t know how I’m going to keep up with all these sites. I barely update this one. However, I feel strongly that it’s important to have multiple sources of income. If one income source dries up then the others can provide support until the one that flat-lined can be replaced.

Well, that’s all. I feel a little off and that’s likely because I’m still getting used to the idea that my grandmother is gone. It’s disconcerting, to say the least, to fully process the fact that a person can just be gone forever like that. Death really drives home the reality that life is fleeting. One day, I’ll be in a casket. I wonder how I will be remembered.

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